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by Pop Co-Op

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Suspension 02:59
Suspension! Just above you, floating, touching in the air Losing myself in your eyes' electric stare Gently draw my fingers over softness of your face Drowning in the seas of our only first embrace And Wonders never cease Waiting for tension Waiting for tension's release Grace notes soft descending, brushing back your hair Wordless conversation; lingers in the air Listen to the echoes fading, drifting to the ground Suspended in the moment, magic stillness in the sound
How many times I've seen her, music waterfalling past me Sounds like rain, washing every bit of sadness from her face No one at all beside her, moving in the corner Breathes in every sound, holds it in and breathes it out again And dances out of my life and then she reappears I'll never know her name But I just love to watch her dance Who does she dream, I wonder ? Secrets locked inside those eyes and Who is the guy that gets to ask her all those questions anyway? What kind of world she moves in When she's not moving to music So many things I'd rather leave to my imagination And so she dances out of my life and then she reappears I'll never know her name But I just love to watch her dance She makes me want to sing I make her want to dance Was there ever such a perfect thing? She dances out of my life and then she reappears I’ll never know her name And I just love to watch her dance
Air Heart 02:32
Hurrying home to me, chasing the start of the day Will she appear to me, or has she lost her way? Time and space will never keep us apart My Air Heart Skimming across the sea Silver wings cut through the ocean of clouds in the air Chasing a destiny Looking for the slip of sand she knew would be there Facing the fear that she knew right from the start My Air Heart Lonely voice, floating frequency Drifting down to me Why can’t she hear me? Hurrying home to me, slipping too close to the sea Will she appear to me? Where on earth will she be? Time and space will never keep us apart My Air Heart
Short Fuses 05:22
Lights up, scene repeating the same day Camera shooting the same way Monster beneath the bed Eyes up, tear myself from the memory Like a page from Maxim’s reverie Thoughts better left unsaid And the days go round and round And the fuse burns down and down Timepiece ticks hypnotic sound And the days go round and round Worn down, beating a path through the carpet Looking for some place to park it Tell us if you want fries This ain't Tales of Brave Ulysses We know myths are for sissies Rock and roll never dies And the days go round and round And the fuse burns down and down Broken clock runs ship aground And the days go round and round Dark clouds arriving, skimming the sky now Raining hurricane shards of steel But on the first breath of Spring, still the young girls sing Rear view, fish-eye lens distortion Slippery sense of proportion Been since I don’t know when Step back; blurs become an impression Dispelling gray of depression Light in my eyes again And the days go round and round And the fuse lies dead and drowned Coiled spring is now unwound And the days go round and round
I’m giving up on thinking hard and losing sleep And making sense of each and every rule Too tired to keep my head up when the water’s deep All the world’s a stooge and I’m its newest fool Lovely letting logic end Nonsense is my friend Giddy with anticipation of pure bliss The peacefulness surrendering allows The warm embrace, the happy face, the mindless kiss As I take my final foolish vows Marching in the fool’s parade Motley masquerade Captain of the Fool’s Brigade Witless promenade We’ll all rejoice at Hobson’s choice and sing out our decree Hoist the scepter with the jester’s jewel Follow footsteps in the streets, cobbled with debris All the world’s a stooge and I’m its newest fool Its newest fool
Picture in blue Bird haiku Exquisite view I look through my window Cool cobalt glow Sharp tableau Can you know What I owe to my window Thing that I see Cedar tree Sargasso Sea The ghost of a bee out my window And my life’s sign “Omnia vincit amor”
Run and Hide 03:40
I handed you the stone And said show me the beauty I wandered off alone So the world would come and soothe me I screamed into the fire To keep the cold inside Now I’m gathering stones Run and hide Sketching out my defense And coloring in the lines Now here’s my alter-ego To save your peace of mind I died inside this ice box To keep your world alive I sharpened my pencil Better run and hide You don’t know what you’ve started And I don’t know what I’ve done Can we be this broken-hearted Will we burn here in this sun? There’s a monster made of silence And hurricane shards of steel But the only shelter for us Is nothing, because nothing, no nothing, none of it Is real I opened up the stone Baffled by the beauty I wandered off alone And there you were to soothe me I stood beside your fire You drank the cool inside Let’s gather up our teardrops Let’s run and hide - you and I Just run and hide - together Run and hide
The Odd One 03:23
The world seems fair, the sun still shines Until the day you wake to find that you’re The odd one, the strange one Unseen one, replaced one You’re out of time, one frame removed You watch your life, run the film from the booth and see The odd one, pretend one Unsung one, the no one Where are you, my fate? Show me my part Please, don’t make me wait for the ghost of a heart The world returns just what it will (Can you hear me?) Crumbs of clues, answers left to fill (Can you see me?) Are you the odd one? The strange one Unsung one The someone
Hey when did you get back in town? I thought my friends were joking Was it the money that ran out again? Or did your ego need some stroking? I used to think that you were so cool Someone who couldn’t lose Until you turned into a tool That anyone could use Don't I know who you think you were? Don't I know who you thought you were? Don't I know—you? It's So like you to come so far Expecting me to wait Leaning on your youthful charm that's Past its expiration date Everyone burning up my phone Keeping me up to speed Afraid you're on the other end A call I didn't need Don't I know who you think you were? Don't I know who you thought you were? Don't I know—you? Three friends meet on a quiet street One big secret two can’t keep It’s quite impressive to me, your casual cruelty I hope she means as much to you as she once meant to me Sometimes I take the long way home Walking down streets where we once met Thinking someday I that might feel Some sadness or regret It hasn’t happened yet, and so I guess it never will Please just go home, leave me alone, and Choke on that bitter pill Don't I know who you think you were? Don't I know who you thought you were? Don't I know—you?
When the green turns gray And the sun burns clay And no rivers like to run Way down by the ocean side No more wooden ships to ride One small step towards a solution One last dance, no more jukes in the box One more chance, money talks One last dance, no more ticks on the clock Too late or is it not too late? History callin’ We’re all in the same limousine When the blue turns brown and the sun burns down Will we quit before we’ve begun? More eyes open every day Give wings unto feet of clay One small step in our evolution One last dance, no more hops for the sox One more chance Break the locks One last dance No more jukes in the box One more chance Money talks One last dance No more ticks on the clock
Flying over grass-filled meadows, flowers fill the air Feels the movement, feels the moment, feels the power there Wind blows back her hair She dreams of horses Leaving land, he arches upward where the clouds appear And she has no fear She dreams of horses Rhythms rising ‘cross the hillside, deep familiar sound Urging onward, now as one - traveling unbound Softly sunbeam-crowned She dreams of horses
Ghost Heart 02:54
Soft gray light, the magic place Between the ending of another dream Slipping into day That’s when they start A slipping sight, the faintest face Faded flower so gently pressed To the space inside my chest Ghost heart What kind of kindness in words that we choose Touches another, brings down the walls? And what sort of madness drives us to lose Leaving us standing, watching as it falls apart Soft evening light, the magic place Between the ending of another day And when I see you Ghost Heart
We gave enough to make it through times and now that we’re here As we look behind and see some dreams did disappear We would have we could have we might have done “Why didn’t we?” is ringing in my ear Postcards from places that we never found time to see Were sent by strangers to people other than you or me Warm islands. Cool highlands, midnight arctic sun Three saddest words “Why didn’t we?” Here and now is fine, we toed the lines we colored inside of Early to bed was what they said would make us rise above Sleepwalking on the straight and narrow til the ending comes Lost in the twilight, in the gray after the setting sun The strains of life became a knife that cut the bonds away Never daring, loss of caring is the price we pay Young smiling faces caught in the amber of old photographs Look in my eyes as if to ask me what are the paths? Lost voices, bad choices, wrong turns day by day “Why didn’t we?” could be our epitaphs We threw away our past For a future we wouldn’t see Everyone thought we’d last Why didn’t we?
It's so typical, I’m still living each day as January first So elliptical, rounding the curve and still so very unversed I try to lose the past So much trying and so much fumbling on a such monumental scale So much time spent wasted, mumbling out a cautionary tale Nothing seems to last So I close my eyes and I’m five again Staring at my future history Seeing all the places and the people I will know And every precious gift they bring to me So confusing, looking for clues to uncover any reason or rhyme It's all in the choosing, all in the listening, all in the rhythm of time We're all just keeping time
Ten times today I made a decision Ten times today I walked it back Drifting through seas of cold derision This water feels so hard and black But the thing that haunts me Is the price it cost me Ten times today I turned my cheek I thought I knew you from somewhere I got no prize for seeming weak Reached out but there was nothing there Maybe someone called my bluff Maybe ten times ain’t enough Dogs and gods all dancing on my shoulder Saints and monsters whispering in my ear They’re suiting up for battles in the ring Winter’s breath is making me much older And as I stumble through my years Which windows will be shuttered in the Spring?


Suspension: A temporary interruption
The dispersion of particles in a liquid
Friendly musical discord
Being held safely and singly

Suspend yourself in our music
Hang with us for 45 minutes and 17 seconds
Pause disbelief………………………………


released June 3, 2022

All songs written, recorded, produced, and mixed by Pop Co-Op:

Steve Stoeckel: vocals, bass, guitar, ukulele, keyboards, percussion
BMI, Pinkfoot Music, admin by BMG Music

Joel Tinnel: guitars, keyboards
BMI,Pungent Sounds Creations

Bruce Gordon: vocals, vocal arrangements, guitars
BMI, Silent Bugler Music

Stacy Carson: vocals, drums, percussion, keyboards
BMI, Carsonic Blooms Music

All songs Copyright 2022. All rights reserved.
Mastered by Dan Millice Mastering.
Bonus track mastered by Kirk Tinnel Audio.
Graphic Design and Layout by Michael Slawter.

Physical CDs available at futuremanrecords.bandcamp.com/album/suspension


all rights reserved



Pop Co-Op

Pop Co-Op are:
Steve Stoeckel (Spongetones),
Bruce Gordon,
Stacy Carson, &
Joel Tinnel.

Fresh, all original powerpop/pop/rock songs.

2nd most played artist on This is Rock 'n Roll Radio, Syracuse.

Aired on Rodney Bingenheimer's Sirius XM show & the Mickey Bradley Show on BBC Radio Ulster.

"Best of 2017" on WKVA 88.1 Oregon's Snap, Crackle, POP!
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