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Factory Settings

by Pop Co-Op

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Can't stand the pain can't stand the cure You'd never take it that's for sure Somebody broke you right in two Never again you say, but isn't it lonely There in no man's land You've got your friends your life’s complete They give you everything you need Don't you remember what it's like Anticipation, ah what you're missing There in no man's land Can't stand the pain can't stand the cure You'd never take it that's for sure Don't you remember what it's like Never again, you say, but isn’t it lonely? There in no man's land
Kissing Katy 02:20
Kissing Katy and it’s seeming like a huge mistake Realizing though I’m dreaming I don’t want to wake Where‘d this come from Am I that dumb How much can one take? Who’s the last one I’d be needing in my perfect world Who’s the perfect poster picture of a monster girl Who in my head? In my dream bed Lies so impossibly curled Who? Katy is not without her appeal She just can’t appeal to me I can’t care what those lovely blue eyes Might conceal Kissing Katy and I’m dreaming I don’t want to wake Kissing Katy and it’s seeming like a huge mistake
He’s the arrogant guy that she’s known for a while She’s the girl that he loved at thirteen. She can sparkle the breeze, send him up for a mile But he never comes round ‘cuz it isn’t his style And they’re not even a thing if you know what I mean. “Hey, that’s a beautiful body but… no mind How do you pay the rent?” “You are a jerk of the handsomest kind And you won’t make a dent.” She’s the stunning brunette on the 6 o’clock news He’s a writer who watches each night But she married a lawyer who’s honest and true So he hides her in novels, what else can he do ‘Cuz love isn’t love when it’s always a fight “Hey, I can’t do this, it’s me, it’s not you And you are not her” “No, dear that character isn’t like me And so what if it were She is speaking his name on the 6 o’clock news He was dead on impact it seems His radio station was turned to the blues And a song that they loved when they just couldn’t choose And the sound of it left an emotional bruise That she carried for years in her darkest of dreams
Like the tumbling of leaves in a warm autumn breeze My thoughts make their way to your laughter And the promise of sun in the dark before dawn Calls me home to the love that I’m after Like the space in between every beat of my heart Gets smaller and lighter and dearer Like the comet that’s pulled by the orbit of the Earth, I am Keen to be near you. Ever keen to be near you. Near At the first rose of day, the last evening grey And every color in between Near As the tinder and spark, the arrow and the mark The song and the lark that play when you have found your way here Like the bending of trees in a warm summer breeze… My head turns to seek out your shoulder… Like persistence of wings flying home across the sea There’s a comforting cadence in the song of you and me And the grace that shines bright is no trick of the light It is clear – that I am Keen to be near you. Keen to be near you.
Sunbeam shine, shadow beside me, holding my hand Makes no sound, walking on air, not touching the land I’m shedding my alter ego, no armor to slow me down Invincible superhero, ten steps to the speed of sound Pain rains hard, breaks me in two, soaking my smile Feel sharp ground, the stone in my shoe with every mile Seeing the sky crack open, watching my courage drown Looking behind me, seeing steps of a circus clown Weather will always exist If I do or don’t And who am I to resist If I will or won’t? Slow glass moving, moment to moment, not looking back Sun, wind, rain, over my shoulder, slung in a sack Now quiet the clouds inside me Now follow the peace I found Now going where signs will guide me Now standing on higher ground
Underworld 04:56
When you say you need me It feels just like a shadow play And when you starve and bleed me Although it’s madness, it only makes me stay I’m living in this underworld Battered by your cruelest intention And when it’s springtime overhead I’m banished to this darkest dimension - Underworld I can’t stand forever And I can’t leave your side And when you’re cold and clever I’d dive into the sun just to save my pride I’m living in this underworld Banished to a never ending distance And when it’s springtime overhead I’m trapped here in these fields of nonexistence - Underworld Every day my ruination Beckons me with your sweet smile Siren song I can’t ignore Shipwrecked on your distant shore Never gonna reach my Blessed Isle A tiny world, born in passion A singularity of lust But the center could not hold It crumbled to extinction in the shattering of trust I’m living in this underworld Wished into a well of suffering And when it’s springtime overhead I’m harvesting this season of nothing Underworld, underworld Here comes Persephone She’ll be the death of me
To The Sea 04:31
You can see the edge of the world from here, from here Everything becomes so clear when you hear what you hear Waves sing to me, sweet melody Sight and sound anchor me to the sea Looking back so far below, to the shore, evermore Cliffs are crumbling, slowly slip to the foam, taking my home Miles underground, deep diving sound Earth returns eternally to the sea The city arises, untied from the land Lifted and drifting, a gossamer caravan Airships like thunderclouds all around me Mem’ries rain down as the old world descends to the sea You can see the end of the world from here, from here Glass and steel yield to surf and bone and foam and fear Sirens beguile, exhort and exile Call me on and follow me to the sea
High on a hill I’m standing still Staring down at the sea of my fate The cliff is steep, water is deep Hiding all of the dangers that wait Taking my pose, shedding the clothes Of the year that stretches so far behind Closing my eyes, hearing the sighs Of so many hopes now resigned I push off the edge Leaving where I’ve been Feel the year begin As I pierce the ocean’s skin The water is cool, a crystalline jewel Effervescence of kindness and light Pulsing with tides, soothing my sides Pushing out the tendrils of night Darkness ahead, words left unsaid But nothing’s done that can’t be undone Hope isn’t lost, it carries no cost The new year has only begun
Don’t try to tie me to your fate Strapped to the chair, I don’t care to travel second rate Breaking my bonds, I disintegrate Drifting away you can’t say I’m not the King of Weightless - such a beautiful soul Weightless - be a part of the whole Weightless - cast your eyes to the sky Never bother with the ethereal ‘why’ Lift up your head and you’ll find me here Slipped free and floating above the Northern hemisphere Cat’s grin the last to disappear The Red Queen arrives and is beating the King of Weightless - screaming off with my head Weightless - I arise from the dread Weightless - I look up from my play As I snip the thread and fly away Weightless - free from your heavy hand Weightless - leave my feet as they stand Weightless - heaven’s light on my face Falling up into ever-expanding space
Look at you now, lookin’ new now, all dressed up for confessing Tell me the truth now, come in the booth now, for me to give you my blessing Let’s begin, tell me your sin, let me know how you did me It’s off your chest, you’ll get your rest, when you outbid me You’re clear, my dear, Thanks for your contrition Your relief, stole like a thief That’s the price of admission What‘s that you say, now? What should you pay now? How much should I extract? To clear the book, get you off the hook, and keep your conscience intact? Some sympathy from me for the way that you feel What's the bail to tip the scale helping you to heal What's the sum it takes to numb Your sad condition, hot here, my dear That’s the price of admission You didn’t start out to rip my heart out, but you know that you thought it It was just what you meant, this was no accident, but you broke it you bought it So take your stand, play your hand, and I’ll call your bluff now Roll the dice, pay the price, but you’re not tall enough to ride this ride or justify your position Too late to compensate That’s the price of admission Mmm, the price of admission
What is it about you that so lives in me? When was it we bound ourselves inseparably So much of you stays with me so constantly Aching with persistence of memory Persistent formless dreams of you have now awakened true Persistent formless dreams of you now have awakened true Too much of my life was spent so aimlessly Walking in the wrong direction, unable to see Now as we begin to make our history You’ll be in the persistence of my memory
Won't Be Me 03:47
Well you can call me chicken you can say I'm yella But you never could call me the kind of a fella Written up in the paper being left for dead A big headline and all it said He was a young and handsome kind of a tough And he was fast, but he wasn’t fast enough No it won't be me, in that paragraph Won’t be me with that epitaph I’ll be skipping by with a wink and a smile And a mile away ‘fore I stop to laugh The only thing on the lot that I coulda scored It was a rusted out hulk of a flat-top Ford Salesman said, this is a car you should own Those dents will buff right out when you get it on home Imagine driving this beauty all over town Easy credit, low terms and no money down No it won't be me drivin’ THAT down the road Won't be the car that I can afford I'll be on the street Drivin’ on my feet ‘Fore you cheat me into takin’ that flat-top Ford At the end of the bar in a “cashmore” sweater Said she might like to get to know me better Made it back to her place about half past nine We had a lovely conversation, things were going just fine Then I hear somebody poundin’ at her front door Is someone in there w’choo, Eleanor No it won’t be me that answers that knock Won't be me that unlocks that lock I'll be gone before Your man’s through the door, and Skedaddlatin’ halfway down the block (bye-bye)
Requiescat 03:19
The famous location was finally torn down The one near the edge of the center of town The citizens gathered from all points around Walked away and sighed A spot on a map that has never been seen A stop on the railroad that fueled the machine Combusting on hope, on sweat, and on dreams And miles and time Black and white pictures in small plastic frames Of ones who had found some small measure of fame You scour the rooms in search of a name There's plenty of those Come down - there might be a scout from the label! There's beer in the ashtrays and dancing on tables! The guitar player’s got a hundred foot cable! He's playing right out in the street! Find a new love, break up at the bar A smile and a handshake, the band's found a star Just always be sure that you bring your guitar You never know who you might meet The details may change, but the cast stays the same The nameless pursuing the luster and fame Consumed by a passion that they cannot name But it has a beat
Sleeve 04:20
I wear the things I love upon this sleeve All the things I've learned All that I believe The faces and the names are always near Every song I've sung The tales that led me here If you don't see your name, don't be concerned I promise it's there, deeply burned Complete and constant in the heart that I wear The one that lies so bare On this sleeve These tapestries are worn, the tricks of time I remember when they were so new With no reason and no rhyme If some seen frayed or torn, they still exist Always everlasting And forever missed Embroidered in this fabric, buried in the thread So many things revealed, said and unsaid A swirl of images, bright fragments of the whole Sweet segments of my soul On this sleeve Your name will always be there Deep in the heart that I wear the one that lies so bare On this sleeve On this sleeve


Factory Settings is Pop Co-Op's follow up to Four State Solution (2017). It contains a mix of pop and powerpop tunes that rock and ballads that send chills.

Pop Co-Op are: Steve Stoeckel, Bruce Gordon, Stacy Carson, and Joel Tinnel.

CDs are available for purchase at: futuremanrecords.bandcamp.com/album/factory-settings

Check out the Factory Settings mashup video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdibeqOLc6g

Factory Settings online release party: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ntkexd7cHoM&t=1s


released April 1, 2020

Steve Stoeckel (vocals, bass, guitar, ukulele, keys)
Bruce Gordon (vocals, vocal arrangements, keys)
Stacy Carson (vocals, drums, percussion, keys)
Joel Tinnel (vocals, guitars)

Mastering by Dan Millice, Engine Room Audio, NYC
CD design and layout by Michael Slawter
Cover photograph courtesy of Lenoir Car Works, Lenoir City, TN (year unknown)
Digital photography restoration and promotions by Laura S Tinnel
Promotional video by Arn McConnell
Flaws of Attraction based on a story by Adeline Carson


all rights reserved



Pop Co-Op

Pop Co-Op are:
Steve Stoeckel (Spongetones),
Bruce Gordon,
Stacy Carson, &
Joel Tinnel.

Fresh, all original powerpop/pop/rock songs.

2nd most played artist on This is Rock 'n Roll Radio, Syracuse.

Aired on Rodney Bingenheimer's Sirius XM show & the Mickey Bradley Show on BBC Radio Ulster.

"Best of 2017" on WKVA 88.1 Oregon's Snap, Crackle, POP!
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